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About Us

Eternal Ripple is a way to honor and inspire; remembering the past, embracing the present, and dreaming of the future.  Our dream is that whatever reason you wear this symbol, it is an inspiration to you to make your own eternal ripples.

Our Story:  At the end of 2015, our son Nick lost his battle with mental illness and subsequently his life to suicide.  This has been a devastating time for our family.  As a tribute to Nick, we wanted something that we could wear; subtle, special, that would have personal meaning.  We gathered as a family and designed the Eternal Ripple symbol - reflecting life that ripples eternally. 


This symbol and concept has grown and become something different to each person that wears it, exactly what we wanted.

To us, it's a way to remember not only Nick, but to honor all the ripples from family and friends - each unique.  It also represents hope and inspiration to create our own eternal ripples by living an intentional life.

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